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Properties Found: 1

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McCauley Properties
Location: Co. Derry
Keywords: Residential,Site
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For Sale
Lot: 3561624
66 Coney Road, Culmore, Co. Derry
2.9 ac Site

search from 1 listings available now in Co. Derry Ireland A Tranquil Haven with Rich Heritage and Scenic Splendor Nestled in the northwest of Ireland, County Derry beckons as a tranquil haven, offering prospective homeowners a captivating blend of rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, and a close-knit community. The real estate market in Derry seamlessly aligns with popular online searches for 'houses for sale in County Derry,' presenting a diverse array of properties that encapsulate the county's unique charm. One of the standout features of living in Derry is its rich historical heritage, often reflected in searches for 'houses for sale near historic sites in County Derry.' The city boasts historic landmarks such as the iconic Derry Walls and the Guildhall, providing residents with a living experience immersed in centuries-old tales. Homes with proximity to these cultural treasures become sought-after residences, offering a daily connection to Derry's storied past. Derry's proximity to the stunning Causeway Coastal Route adds to its allure, evident in searches for 'houses for sale with coastal views in County Derry.' Residents wake up to the soothing sounds of the Atlantic Ocean and enjoy breathtaking views along the Causeway Coast. Properties with vistas of the coastline or proximity to sandy beaches become coveted retreats, promising a lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. The strong sense of community in Derry is another compelling factor, reflected in searches for 'houses for sale in friendly Derry neighborhoods.' The welcoming locals, vibrant markets, and community events create an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity, making Derry an ideal place for those seeking a close-knit and friendly neighborhood. Derry's affordability often emerges as a significant advantage, highlighted in online searches for 'affordable houses for sale in County Derry.' The real estate market caters to various budgets, providing opportunities for individuals to invest in spacious homes, charming cottages, or modern residences without excessive financial strain. In summary, County Derry stands as a tranquil haven with a rich cultural heritage, stunning coastal vistas, and a welcoming community. The real estate offerings, aligned with popular online searches, invite individuals to make Derry their home, promising a serene and fulfilling life in the heart of Ireland's northwest.